A Culinary Journey Across Fifty Nations: Tasting Life Through Global Flavors

How would you describe yourself to someone?

Being Japanese, I have always been enamored with the history and customs of my homeland. However, this affection for one’s own culture only deepened my curiosity about the world outside. Embarking on a journey that took me across fifty countries, I realized that traveling not only introduces you to foreign cultures but also gives you a fresh perspective on your own.

I am both a chef and a gourmet. With an insatiable curiosity about food, I’ve tasted culinary delights from every corner of the globe. There were moments where I savored Pad Thai, Pho, Tacos, and hot dogs amidst the bustling streets lined with roaring motorcycles.

Then there were serene experiences, like enjoying fish caught from the Amazon River, grilled over charcoal by the indigenous people, while being surrounded by the unspoiled beauty of nature. Or relishing skewered chicken under the endless expanse of the Sahara Desert, with nothing but the gentle rustling of the wind as a backdrop. And, on some occasions, I found myself adhering to strict dress codes in opulent settings, savoring world-class cuisine.

“To live is to eat” – this motto drives my passion for life and food. It’s a story I tell whenever I describe myself, emphasizing that life’s flavors, much like its experiences, are vast and varied. Every bite tells a story, and every journey makes it richer.

9 thoughts on “A Culinary Journey Across Fifty Nations: Tasting Life Through Global Flavors

  1. Omatra7 says:

    What an amazing passion you have

    I always say – the way to the heart is through the stomach lol 😘✌️

    I love different tastes too … I have little frustration with food from America cause they Americanize everything 🫤

    I don’t want that – I want authentic

    There is nothing like finding someone who creates traditional dishes the way they are supposed to be done …

    Like authentic Mexican tamales 🫔… or authentic Italian pasta 🍝

    Or even Chinese food is not truly same as if actually went to China

    All my food is Americanized here 🙄😐

    I can see how traveling would take your passion to the next level!!

    What gave you your culinary spark?

    1. Tasty line says:

      English translation:

      Thank you.

      I completely understand how you feel.
      Canada is the same, where the flavors often become too strong, or the appearance seems overly vibrant.

      However, the general public seems to enjoy and prefer it that way.

      Traditional Japanese food originates from vegetarian dishes, so the flavors tend to be milder, and the colors tend to be more natural, usually focusing on one or two main hues from the original ingredients.

      I believe my passion for cooking was cultivated during my childhood. I am one of four siblings, so we always had to share. As a result, I never had the experience of eating as much of my favorite foods as I wanted when I was a child. As I grew up, I started eating what I liked and began making it myself. I then realized that food represents culture. After reading travel books and realizing that foreign cuisines served in Japan were adapted to suit Japanese tastes, I decided to visit these countries myself. So, I set out on a journey around the world to discover authentic mother foods.

      Whenever I eat something delicious, it brightens my life even more✨.

      1. Omatra7 says:

        So then I wonder if every country does that? Take another countries foods and tweak it to whatever their countries tastes are? How interesting

        Very cool… I am one of 3… I am first lol

        Yes finding new foods to love does brighten life 🙌❤️

      2. Tasty line says:

        Indeed, from a business standpoint, they likely cater to the majority target audience🎯.

        I believe the eldest among siblings often faces a stricter upbringing.
        Being the second, I’ve lived more freely, but my older sister is very reliable and has a strong sense of responsibility towards the family🫶

      3. Omatra7 says:

        Yes that’s true… I had very strict upbringing, and my younger brother and sister did not have as strict as I did… I was older and did/do everything

        My brother is good, I am so thankful to have him ❤️

        My sister was spoiled and now runs amuck- my brother and I have TRIED to help for 20 years but she doesn’t listen ever – can not cope at all with life

        I offer to have her come to me… have respite – take time to collect self and become well… then I can get her a job and she would have me… but she won’t, she just won’t

        I can totally help her stand up … but she won’t do things to better her life. 🤷‍♀️ I don’t understand but to each his own? She would have my love and support and could take time for herself to get stable… I could get her help – help her stand for herself

        But ya know … everyone makes choices

        My brother has been amazing and helped with all the funerals when I had cancer … and takes care of mom because I was fighting cancer and couldn’t

        So him and I are tight ❤️ I miss him

        My sister is misguided because of how much they babied her…

        I grew up in strong loving Irish catholic family – strict but wonderful happy life/childhood.

        By the time she was 8, my dad was sick with non Hodgkin’s lymphoma … so her life was doctors in hospitals from young age

        My parents felt bad because my life be so happy and they couldn’t give her same in her life – so they buy her things and give her things to help ease pain

        But created a whole new pain… she sees incorrectly – she also lies ☹️

        I also hate drs and hospitals due to my own cancer – ductal carcinoma (cancer of the milk ducts)

        So in areas I also see incorrectly … I see the pain of sickness – I gave up my life for years to fight and my marriage was bad so I kinda be quiet personally – just at work I am confident and strong – on own more quiet – still confident just quiet

        Except when with my peeps or family then I have same strength and confidence as work – I have to trust so takes me awhile

        Life – ya know 🤷‍♀️ hopefully we learn 🙏 we all choose our path

        I am very strong with family and friends – and I create my own families everywhere because I lost my own


      4. Tasty line says:

        Indeed, being raised strictly during childhood probably fosters a sense of independence, allowing one to stand on their own as an adult.
        I hope things work out with your sister, but it’s difficult since she’s living by her own choices.🤷🏻‍♂️

        Fortunately, all my family members are financially independent, so there are no issues. 🙆🏻
        However, my mother and young sister don’t get along and are, in a way, estranged due to certain circumstances.🙅🏻‍♂️

        While it’s ideal for families to be close-knit, it’s not always easy.

        Still, knowing that there’s even one person on your side can bring immense comfort and strength.💪

        You mentioned having had a difficult marriage, or that you had to fight through it. I assume you must have had some tough experiences related to marriage. Marriage can indeed be challenging. I completely understand.🥹
        You seem to have a very strong spirit. It’s okay, your children are watching your back. A mother’s strength is a great source of nourishment and helps them grow.🌱🌿🪴🌲

      5. Omatra7 says:

        Well as far as my sister goes – I love her and I am here when and if she ever wants. But she has to want and choose that.

        Good morals and skills to handle things were instilled – and their strictness did provide direction, seriousness and learning… so have skills to survive and live life

        My marriage was very bad, I am happy and lucky to be away and out from that. I had married satan – it was very bad… I can’t even speak on some of the things yet.

        But that thankfully is over and I am happy and at peace ❤️

        I work on healing myself and enjoying life and being thankful for even having life 🙏

        People sometimes will learn my whole story and then ask me… how do you still smile and be happy?

        Because I am still here, I still have life – I have made it to this point

        I am very rich with the people who surround me ❤️ I build my life strong – or try to… I have wonderful people in my life and amazing children – I have a good life

        I want to love and enjoy what is the present moment and whatever the future brings

        I am very lucky in many ways ☘️ I am thankful and humble for this… so I smile because I love life ❤️ I am lucky to have it.

        Marriage isn’t challenging if you find the right one. That just takes time.

        Yes ❤️ my children are amazing children – they are empathetic and compassionate and helpful ❤️ I am very blessed – they have good morals and are kind.

        I have loved being their mother ❤️ they are each unique ❤️

      6. Tasty line says:

        Thank you for sharing so much about your life. I hope that one day you and your sister will find understanding and reconciliation.

        The courage it took for you to escape a difficult marriage, and the strength and resilience you’ve shown, will undoubtedly serve as valuable life lessons moving forward.

        Reading your words, I feel a sense of both kindness and strength. I believe that’s because you’re able to express love towards others precisely because you understand pain. That’s a type of wisdom that can only come from personal experience.

        The life you’re living now is the result of your own making. The people who surround you are also a reflection of the choices you’ve made, and it’s proof that you’re walking a blessed path.

        It’s wonderful to hear, especially given that you’re managing a business while raising your kids. Truly admirable. 💖

      7. Omatra7 says:

        🙏 I hope someday too… I am always worried I will get a call from the police or a coroner ☹️ I just want her to be ok.

        Oh yes I have tons of life lessons that occur – yes have learned a lot – as hopefully we all do through our experiences, good and bad

        Life is always learning ❤️✌️

        I’ve always had this gift even before I went through what I did … but I am little bit of old soul even as a child ✌️ I could always feel peoples emotions, and I’ve always had an approachable personality

        In high school, I hung out with every one – not any particular group

        And I have always volunteered to help those who needed help.

        In high school, I took care of 2 adults that had Down syndrome… it was a club and we each adopted 2 of them for the summer.

        I always stand up for people who can’t stand up for themselves for whatever reason.

        I’ve always been this way. Just on a more quiet scale than now.

        Yes, the life I live now – is the life I build. The people in my life I have gotten to know and enhance my life and I enjoy my life with them – they my peeps ❤️

        I am careful and take my time with who comes close … and I know what I am ok with and what I am not.

        I would also say I walk a blessed path ❤️ I am still alive and still survive

        Still have a bright smile on my face ❤️

        Yes ❤️ I survived … so far 🙏🫶🙏

        Thank you ❤️ your words are very kind 😊

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