A Leap of Faith: My Journey to a New Smartphone

When is the last time you took a risk? How did it work out?

Actually, I just took a big risk. I made the most expensive purchase I’ve made recently. It’s 2023, and I had been thinking about buying it for a while. It’s the iPhone 14 Pro Max. The one I’m using right now is the iPhone X. Until now, there were no functional problems.

However, recently a pink vertical line appeared on the screen. I tried various things, but it seems that the screen itself has probably cracked. This vertical line really makes it hard to see. Now, some of you might think, why not just fix the screen? However, the repair cost is quite significant. I thought it would be better to buy a new one and make writing and reading blogs more enjoyable. I think the time I spend looking at my mobile has increased quite a bit.

I took the risk, thinking that getting something good would benefit me in the future.

I’m looking forward to its arrival♪

Thank you for reading this article.

実は先ほど大きなリスクを取りました。それは、最近で一番高価な買い物をしました。2023年になって、ずっと買おうか考えていました。それは、IPhone 14 pro maxです。今使っているのはiPhoneX です。そこまで、機能的には問題はありませんでした。しかし、最近になって画面にピンク色の縦線が出ました。色々と試し見ましたが、おそらくスクリーン自体に亀裂が入ってしまったからでしょう。この縦線が、本当に見えにくくなります。さて、ではスクリーンだけを直せばっと思った方もいるかと思いますが、修理費には結構な費用がかかります。だったら新しいものを買って、ブログを書くや読むことが、もっと楽になったら良いなっと思いました。携帯を見ている時間がかなり長くなったと思います。 そこにリスクを取り良いものを手にする事が今後自分のためになると思いました。 届くのを楽しみにしています♪ この記事を読んでいただきありがとうございます。

12 thoughts on “A Leap of Faith: My Journey to a New Smartphone

  1. Willow says:

    I know people do it all of the time, but I can’t even imagine making blog post from my phone. 🙂 I’m sure your purchase will turn out for the better.

    1. Tasty line says:

      I believe there’s a convenience to posting from a mobile phone. I think it’s great to be able to take photos and post them directly.
      I believe it can perform beyond the risk of the purchase.
      Thank you, Willow. 😊

  2. Omatra7 says:

    I ONLY post and read from phone 📱

    Definitely iPhone supporter

    Do not like androids iOS 👎 not even with simulator

    And yes – I believe will be good risk for you – brand new always be stunning and many new features – many new things to learn

    Yes be positive risk 👏 nice job

    1. Tasty line says:

      I’m glad to hear you say that. I was amazed at the incredible performance of the camera when I switched from iPhone X to iPhone 14. I felt it’s getting much closer to what I see with my own eyes.👀When I encounter something new, I inevitably have to update myself, which is a great stimulus. Thank you for your comment👏

      1. Omatra7 says:

        I went from a iPhone 6Plus to an iPhone 13 Pro Max … I had to because the iPhone 6Plus was giving me so many problems!

        Was drastic difference – camera is better, different features better – definitely major improvement!!

        Few things I miss are a home button… I do miss that. And I miss having a separate headphone Jack

        I do everything off my phone – mostly I use for work… I am in constant touch with my team, sometimes I am on call… and families use to reach out to me too … and send me photos or files – I do that all off my phone

        Some of my families don’t have regular jobs and can’t call me during the day – it’s very easy to be in constant contact with texts and things 👍

        And then of course for posting here… I never use a computer except at work for work things

        I have a computer but I don’t really like it lol ✌️but I’m weird like that – I have a pc … I prefer Mac lol ✌️ Apple  Girl 😘

        The iPhone is just right and always with me

        My friends sometimes tease me because it is big like a brick 🧱 with that otter box on it … but whatever 😄

        I love it! I think you will too!

        My phone is my life and my work 👍

      2. Tasty line says:

        I also used to have an iPhone 4. It’s great to see the evolution over time. I’ve spent over $10,000 on Apple products so far, so I wish they would give me a bit of a discount.
        The iPhone 14 Pro Max I bought this time really feels like a brick. I used to squint at a small screen, but as I watch videos and use it more frequently, I find a larger screen to be more efficient. If you’re an Apple  Girl, then I’m an Apple  Boy🤙🌺 It would be funny if we got an advertisement from Apple one day since we’re talking so much about their products🤣

      3. Omatra7 says:

        Hahaha that’s hilarious 👏

        I am same – I like nice big screen – for reading, posting, watching videos, work, etc

        I just like their iOS better less issues and I like the pairing of products together – ease of use – etc

        Hahaha yes well they do listen and target those ads lol … and since we mentioning – I’m sure that’s coming lol  😄😄🤙

      4. Tasty line says:

        They’re easy to use and convenient. I also pair my Apple Watch and iPods for activities like exercising, listening to music, and communicating. The downside is that I don’t work very well with Siri. I’m hoping that Siri’s performance will improve in the future.

      5. Omatra7 says:

        Hahaha oh Siri 😄😄 I know … I will be in with a family and take my phone because we have to contact places and people – plus incase someone needs me …

        While I talk to them sometimes Siri will butt in and say “sorry I didn’t get that” or scare me half to death by saying something weird when I am trying to be professional lol 🙄

        And when I use Siri for myself – it’s searches suck!! I can do better my own self lol

        They definitely need to improve Siri

        Sometimes connecting between car and ear pods sucks when you are already on a call 📱 and have to get in vehicle lol

      6. Tasty line says:

        I completely understand your opinion. Especially with the “sorry I didn’t get that” phrase, I think of it as basically being monitored or listened to during conversations. It’s a bit scary, like when a product we mention is immediately advertised to us🫣

        However, I believe that what we say will continue to be improved upon and will become even more functional in the future. It’s exciting to think about what’s to come😊

      7. Omatra7 says:

        In some aspects, yes very exciting for the progress…

        But I also like privacy from government and corporations… so does walk a fine line there lol ✌️

      8. Tasty line says:

        That’s right. The right to privacy is very important indeed🧐

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