Be prepared and you’ll have no worries

How have you adapted to the changes brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic?

The pandemic brought about significant changes in my life. At first, it caused a lot of anxiety because news reports in January 2019, while I was on a temporary visit back to Canada, revealed that infections were spreading in China. I felt afraid as I realized that Canada was not prepared at all, so I stocked up on masks, toilet paper, and food. A few weeks later, in March, the pandemic struck, and everything was locked down.

Fortunately, I had shopped beforehand, so I had enough food to last two to three weeks. One year later, restrictions were slightly eased, so I attended college. Normally, there was a waiting list, but I was able to pass the simple screening and attend school.

However, most of it was online, so I had to study at home. I successfully completed the school curriculum and, when looking for a job, my teacher recommended me for an interview at a company. With a little practice, I passed the second interview easily, and I also passed the aptitude test, so I was able to get the job.

Thanks to the internet, exchanging information was easy, and I was able to take the next step quickly. I hope this blog will be helpful to someone.

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