The Allure of a Japanese Summer: An Invitation to My Homeland

If you won two free plane tickets, where would you go?

If I were to receive complimentary plane tickets, there’s no doubt in my mind that I would return to Japan, my beloved homeland. No matter how many times one visits, Japan never loses its charm. There are countless places still left to explore, especially for those who think they’ve seen it all.

During the summertime, almost every day is marked with vibrant events. From local summer festivals and shrine celebrations to major music festivals, the spirit of the season is alive and well throughout the country. The allure doesn’t end there. Camping trips, riverside BBQs, and spending time with family and old friends from town are just a few of the joys that summer in Japan has to offer.

One of the top activities this time of year is hiking up Mount Fuji, the tallest mountain in Japan. While the peak might greet you with chilly winds, the experience of watching the sunrise – or “Goraikou” as we call it – will undoubtedly warm your spirit, making any cold temperatures seem insignificant.

Tokyo, with its modern allure and bustling streets, is a must-visit. Yet, it’s essential not to overlook the charm of the other regions, each offering its unique appeal and experiences.

I sincerely invite you to explore Japan. Whether it’s your first time or a returning visit, the land of the rising sun never ceases to amaze.

Thank you for reading this article and considering my homeland as your next destination.

36 thoughts on “The Allure of a Japanese Summer: An Invitation to My Homeland

  1. Meikah Delid says:

    I agree with you. I love Japan! Husband and I really enjoyed our time in Osaka and Kyoto. We will go back with the kids soon! 🙂

    1. Tasty line says:

      I’m glad to hear you say that. I hope you have an even more wonderful experience in Japan next time.

  2. Willow says:

    Japan is one of the places I’ve always wanted to visit. It sounds wonderful.

    1. Tasty line says:

      Thank you.
      The people of Japan, including myself, are eagerly looking forward to your visit to Japan.

      1. Willow says:

        It probably will remain a dream, since I’m terrified of flying. 🙂

      2. Tasty line says:

        I completely understand your feelings about flying; many of us have fears that hold us back. Remember, it’s okay to have dreams and it’s also okay to have fears. Whether you decide to face that fear or find alternative ways to achieve your dreams, always know that the journey itself is just as meaningful as the destination. Sending you strength and positive vibes! 🙂🌟

    1. Tasty line says:

      I think this video beautifully captures the essence of Japan’s beauty.
      There were also places shown that I’ve never visited.
      Given the cultural differences from north to south and east to west in Japan, I believe there’s a lot to pique one’s interest.

      I highly recommend visiting at least once.
      Even if you can’t speak Japanese, the Japanese people will welcome you and likely support you throughout your journey♪.

      1. Omatra7 says:

        Japan looks really amazing – I am definitely curious to visit!

        Yes that video was very beautiful! Does make you wanna go lol 👏 what a beautiful culture!

        I am same with USA … I have been tons of places all around the United States … but there are still areas I have never seen 😮

        I have heard the people are kind and helpful to travelers ❤️👏

        America is helpful too… most people more than happy to help… but we do sometimes have assholes too 🙄😐

        I have heard Japan’s crime rate is extremely LOW ❤️

      2. Tasty line says:

        Japan captivates many with its culture, landscapes, and the kindness of its people.

        The United States also has many beautiful places and wonderful people, but like every country, it has its good and bad sides. 🙆‍♂️🙅‍♂️

        One of the factors that particularly stands out about Japan is its low crime rate, which offers a sense of safety for travelers. ✈️

        However, Tokyo is a bustling city, so occasionally you might encounter someone stressed and not so pleasant. 🤦🏻‍♂️

        When you visit museums, you can find interesting artifacts like pottery from ten thousand years ago.🏺

        Japan is a country with limited natural resources, which means it has had to advance its technology to compete with other developed nations. Nevertheless, it’s a country with a deep history. By the way, it is said that Japan was founded on February 11, 660 BC. There are many items from a thousand years ago, and I believe you can experience both the new and the old.🇯🇵

      3. Omatra7 says:

        I agree with that statement about Japan – the culture, landscapes and people are very captivating 👏

        Hahaha yes … always a balance ✌️

        I definitely like the no crime rate 👏 what is the secret to making that happen?

        I have many cities like that lol

        But Tokyo does seem very bustling 😮

        Which place would be the heart of Japan?

        If you asked me that about America? Well I guess it’s Washington DC because they rule the country 🙄

        Or you could say Virginia or Massachusetts because that’s where the beginning happened.

        But Texas is extremely patriotic

        And California is beaches, surfers, and purple mountain majesties 🏔️ 😉

        Oh and don’t forget – we have the heartland of USA (they are also in tornado alley though) ✌️

        So I guess the heart would be just in perspective?

        Well… we are mostly ALL immigrants … but there are and were true Americans … native Americans … all over the United States …

        Nearby to the 4 corners – Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah… there are cliff dwellings in Colorado – made by Ancestral Puebloans around approximately 1150–1300 AD

        They are STUNNING!! Mesa Verde National Park

        You have better recorded history for longer than I have for my country. I don’t have as deep history as you do.

        They say only 20,000 years ago first humans set foot in North America – that’s from the Smithsonian

        Ha if you ask my kids – Japan is the heart of the world due to electronics, video games – anything on that sort – Japan leads it

        Old Japan culture has grace and class … very regal

        New Japan culture seems adorable 🥰 but I’m probably influenced by the things I see in that Japanese dollar store – everything in there is so adorable 🥰 I could spend hours and probably buy the whole store – that store is dangerous lol

        And then also what the kids show me too 🥰

        I also love Nintendo and Pokémon and many things like that lol … they are all Japanese ❤️ and I love the clothes old and new

        So new culture seem really forward thinking and progressive

        The people seem very welcoming and kind. 😊👏❤️

      4. Tasty line says:

        The low crime rate in Japan is, I believe, largely due to a shared national identity. While there has been a slow influx of immigrants, most parents in Japan are Japanese. This has more to do with lineage than nationality; most people have ancestors who were Japanese at some point. It would be shameful to harm such individuals who might be related in some way. 🤔Other contributing factors, I believe, include education and active community engagement.☺️

        However, Tokyo, unlike other regions, has a higher crime rate.😅

        As times change, I think the center of Japan is where the emperor resides, which is also Tokyo, where politics and governmental organizations are located.👑

        However, hundreds of years ago, it used to be Kyoto or Nara. Long ago, it consisted of various countries, and the emperor, who unified these nations, is our ancestor.
        Although the emperor is considered a symbol and does not engage in politics.👑

        I’m interested in learning more about the indigenous people of America. Your story about Mesa Verde National Park is very interesting, and thank you for the information from the Smithsonian Museum. 🙏

        Indeed, there are indigenous people in Hokkaido, north of Japan, and there is a theory that they came down from the Asian region through Alaska to the south because their patterns of clothing resemble those of Canadian indigenous people. I agree with this.

        Yes, I spent a lot of time playing video games as a child🕹️so I know them well.
        As an island nation, we like new things and have a tendency to be meticulous, so there are many people who customize these things. Before we knew it, we may have been leading the culture of video games and the like. Akihabara in Tokyo can be considered the center of this culture. There are many people called otaku, who buy and sell a lot of machinery. 💻Anime is also a part of it. I like manga and anime, and I read something every week.

        Daiso (dollar store) is a place where many people who live alone inevitably go, right? The affordability is one thing, but many items are also highly functional.

        Please come and visit Japan with your children sometime. When you do, I will provide plenty of information🙏

      5. Omatra7 says:

        Well I love the low crime rate!! That must be very nice 😊

        I also think they say Japan does not have the drug issues that America has either

        That is really cool and interesting to have an emperor 😮 when I google it tells me higher than a king and queen 😮

        How do you get that position – is it passed down in the family?

        I bet the emperors house is incredible!

        Yes the tribes in the America’s are incredible – they are all over the United States – all different tribes ❤️ is incredible to learn them 😊

        Lol yes … my kids are all into that – that is their thing – all the anime and video games lol

        This week they showed me a Korean show… JWP? I dunno? Is some American idol type thing for KPop lol

        Well no 😄😄 is not just for people who live alone lol – that is funny … everyone shops there – everyone loves that store ❤️ … they have Japanese everything!!

        You have Daiso!!

        That’s it!!! ❤️ see you can’t even walk in without wanting everything lol ❤️👏

        That is exactly like MY Daiso ❤️ how you not love ALL those things??

        So they DO have that in Japan 🇯🇵 👏👏

        Yes maybe someday we will get to visit 🙏 I will definitely ask for info 🫶

      6. Tasty line says:

        Canada also faces similar drug issues🧟‍♂️
        Being an island nation, it’s challenging for Japan to import drugs🗾
        However, I believe there’s a lack of awareness about prescription medications. People tend to rely on medicine as soon as they catch a cold. I think we should consider letting minor illnesses be healed by our immune system👨🏻‍⚕️

        Originally, Japan had many kingdoms and went through periods of warfare. The one who unified them became the Emperor🤴🏻
        However, now they are not involved in politics.

        I love the harmony between the American tribes and nature, seeing it as their origin🌱

        Initially, Daiso would buy products from bankrupt department stores in cash and sell them in their stores. But later, they started developing their products, leading to the Daiso we know today🛠️

        I think of it as a treasure trove of ideas💡

        However, visiting the store stimulates the urge to buy, so I try not to go too often😅

      7. Omatra7 says:

        I don’t like medications … I will refuse them until I am basically dying lol… I just don’t trust

        Tylenol gives me upset stomach, so I will only do advil and only if severely needed

      8. Tasty line says:

        I agree with you. I also won’t take medicine unless I’m on the verge of dying.
        For most colds, I just sleep. I believe it’s a sign that the body needs rest. I also take time off work.

        In the case of infections, I’d research what kind of infection it is and if there’s a topical ointment, I’d rely on that.

        Recently, I’ve even stopped eating candies. It depends on the product, but I particularly avoid those with chemical flavorings or colorings.

        However, I do consume honey and maple syrup🍯.
        I love fruits🍎.

      9. Omatra7 says:

        Yes sleep is always good to feel better – body needs that!!

        I like homeopathic remedies better – “natural” – if possible 🙏

        Yes I am also careful with chemicals and artificial coloring/ flavorings. I don’t trust is safe

        I think the junk food they put out for people, causes major health issues – and then all the money goes to hospital bills with the illnesses it can cause.

        People should be educated with food better. 🙏

        I love both those things – honey and maple syrup…

        I have honey 🍯 bee farms all over the place out here … you must have incredible maple syrup up there in Canada 😮

        Maine has awesome syrup too and of course – Vermont

        I love fruit too 👏❤️

      10. Tasty line says:

        I agree with what you’re saying.
        In restaurants, there’s a saying about serving customers the “three white devil powders.”
        They are salt, sugar, and flour.🧂
        Consuming these in excess can send you to the hospital, but they are said to be that addictive.🏥

        I too have a fondness for honey and maple syrup🍯
        In the past, honey was used as a remedy when one caught a cold.

        Indeed, it’s preferable to incorporate natural things into our lives.🌿

      11. Omatra7 says:

        Ah yes …and they are IN everything – you can’t escape!

        Yes, preferable on the natural things.

        I still use honey for colds and things – honey is antibacterial, anti inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial

        Also Honey 🍯 sticks are yummy 😋

        And in regards to maple syrup – I like to drowned my stuff in it lol ✌️

      12. Tasty line says:

        Honey really is amazing. It’s not only delicious but also has medicinal properties.
        But of course, too much of it isn’t good 😁

        Maple syrup is great too. I just want to smother my pancakes in butter and maple syrup 🥞.

      13. Omatra7 says:

        Yes Honey is yummy 😋

        I’m not so big on butter … I’ll do a little bit – but I always think of my heart when comes to butter 🧈

        But maple syrup yes – just keep pouring lol

        ** restaurants never seem to give enough maple syrup lol … unless they just put the syrup container out there 😄

      14. Omatra7 says:

        It posted before I was ready 😐😬

        But yes I do not like medications …without medicines that have side effects or that will kill me or add issues lol

        I prefer more natural methods if possible

        I would love to have a leader who is not a crook politician and unbiased but can create peace -that sounds amazing ❤️👏👏👏

        Oh yes – American tribes knew the earth very well ❤️ I love that too ❤️

        Daiso – very smart business plan – in the right timing 👏 impressive

        Yes that store is very dangerous for spending lol … I could NeVER ever work in that store because I would just hand over my paycheck 😮😮

        You walk in there and your eyes get big lol – is hard not to want everything lol

        So yes – I would say winning business model for them 👏

        In stores & online … they gotta be makin bank 👏

      15. Tasty line says:

        I apologize for the delayed response to your comment.

        I also avoid taking medication as it can be challenging to control its mental effects.

        Becoming a politician is tough, and once you become one, issues like bribery can complicate things further.

        Indeed, I believe Daiso offers fantastic products that combine affordability with great ideas. ✌️

        I wasn’t aware that they were available online as well😆

      16. Omatra7 says:

        I went to Daiso this past weekend ❤️❤️

        Got many cute things ❤️👏

        I don’t even dare look at their online – omg I’d be sunk!! 😮 lol

      17. Tasty line says:

        Hahaha😍 Cute things really have a way of relaxing us, don’t they?😌
        Please buy in moderation✌️.

      18. Omatra7 says:

        Yes 🥰 I bought a smiley face dustpan – and a remote caddy 😊 both of which I needed – but they are cute with their smiley faces 😊❤️

        But I “COULD” go nuts in there lol … I just choose not to

        Small little things here and there 😘✌️

        But I love everything they have ❤️

      19. Tasty line says:

        The smiley face dustpan is great😆 Being surrounded by cute things really lifts your spirits, doesn’t it? 💕

      20. Omatra7 says:

        Lol … well it helps that my broom 🧹 and dust pan smile at me 😄❤️ … it makes me smile to see that happy face ❤️ it’s very cute 🥰

        I don’t think I would smile as much if my broom and dust pan had mad face lol ✌️

        But yes – I like cute things and girly things – yup 👍 ❤️

        It is spirit lifting 😊

        Sometimes my days are hard or sad … and then I come home and my house and things smile at me 😘✌️❤️

        Yes it does lift spirits ❤️

      21. Omatra7 says:

        My daughter on the other hand got lights and pens 🖊️ and paper holders lol

        But was back to school and also maybe some fun stuff

      22. Tasty line says:

        That’s lovely💓. I believe there are many affordable and well-assorted items for children. Especially when they are young, there’s a time to collect stationery, isn’t there?✂️✏️📏

      23. Omatra7 says:

        Well – I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ cause when I walk in that store … my eyes get all big and I want everything just like a child lol 😄😄✌️

        I love everything they have ❤️

        So I have to hold self back and not be a child 😄

        I usually stay away because I know this… but once in awhile we make trip there and I always love what they have ❤️ they are always BUSY!!!


        Big hit out here ❤️👏

  3. ZemeHN says:

    Actually, I’m interested in the shrine activities in Japan. I can see them in many Japanese games. I don’t know if people who can’t speak Japanese will have too much trouble traveling in Japan. But I thought it might be a good idea to join a tour group.

    1. Tasty line says:

      Thank you for your comment.
      The activities at shrines in Japan are closely related to the imperial family, so as you learn about them, you will come to understand Japan as a country. Nowadays, a lot of information is provided in English, so I think you can travel without any problems even if you can’t speak Japanese. My colleagues also visited recently and were delighted. They can’t speak Japanese, but they said they would visit again next year. Also, there are many English speakers in major cities, so I think there’s nothing to worry about. The Japanese will certainly help you out. I think you can travel with peace of mind when it comes to the language aspect.

  4. mygenxerlife says:

    I love Japan. I spent a year in Japan long ago and miss the people and the culture. I’ve gone back to visit a number of times, but it’s not the same as living there for an extended time. I miss the food!

    1. Tasty line says:

      That’s very heartwarming.
      I also miss it every time I move.
      If it’s okay, could you share which region you lived in?
      Thank you for your comment.

      1. mygenxerlife says:

        I spent a year just north of Tokyo. I lived in Saitama. It was a nice mix of the country, but I could take an hour train into Tokyo if I needed the big city feel. What about you?

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