Finding Passion in Food: Why I Would Do a Job for Free

What job would you do for free?

If it involves eating delicious food and evaluating it, I would do it for free. It would be amazing to be able to enjoy something that would normally cost money for free.

If there was a way to earn income from this, I would be interested in providing consulting services such as recipe evaluation, advice on how to make dishes even tastier, branding, marketing, recipe manual creation, and finding suppliers. Living a life surrounded by delicious food is my passion.

Thank you for reading this article.


もし、そこに収入を得れるとするならば、例えば、料理の評価プラス、より美味しくするアドバイス、ブランディング、マーケティング、料理のマニュアル化、発注元の確保などコンサルティング業務をします。 美味しい料理に囲まれた人生を歩む事が私の生き甲斐です。


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