Finding Peace of Mind in the Face of Anxiety

What makes you most anxious?

I am grateful to say that I don’t have any major anxieties, but I do have various degrees of worries. I believe that we all struggle with different anxieties on a daily basis, such as health concerns, responsibilities towards family and society, financial insecurity, career uncertainty, fear of the future, and fear of death. However, I think that these anxieties are necessary in clarifying what is important to oneself. In fact, I think that the absence of anxiety is either enlightenment or close to being emotionless.

Therefore, since emotions include joy, anger, sadness, and happiness, I think it is important to look at them and appreciate them, which serves as proof that we are alive.

Rather than fighting against anxiety, I want to live in a way where I can enjoy peace of mind. Thank you for reading my article.


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