Finding Warmth in the Cold: An Ode to Canadian Living

How do you feel about cold weather?

To be completely candid, I have always had an aversion to cold weather. My preferences naturally gravitate towards the vibrant blossoms of spring and the balmy sunshine of summer. The biting chill of winter tends to sap my energy, making even the prospect of stepping outside seem burdensome. Moreover, a downpour only deepens my gloom.

However, after journeying across fifty countries, I found my haven in a place renowned for its winters – Canada. One might wonder, what is so compelling about Canada that I chose to endure the very weather I dislike? The answer lies in the abundance of extraordinary locales and people, whose warmth transcends the physical cold.

Firstly, what impressed me was Canada’s well-organized societal system. While the taxes might be steep, the benefits are truly remarkable. Medical care is free, and if you are employed, dental services are also available without cost, albeit within certain limits. Even water is supplied free of charge. Previously, immigrants could avail themselves of free English language training, a boon for newcomers struggling with language barriers.

Furthermore, Canada takes the protection of children seriously. There are numerous allowances, assistance, and deductions in place for their wellbeing, reflecting a country that cherishes its future generations. This devotion to supporting its residents is just one of the many things that make Canada stand out.

In addition, more than half of Canada’s population comprises immigrants, which results in a society where racial discrimination is comparatively minimal. The country’s embrace of diversity contributes to its harmonious ambiance.

Canadian summers, while brief, are truly extraordinary. The days extend from as early as 6 a.m. until 9 p.m., bathing the country in a beautiful, lasting glow. It’s worth noting that while Canada is vast, the further north one goes, the colder it gets.

Admittedly, I still struggle with the cold. However, with proper attire and a bit of grit, I’ve managed to combat the chill effectively. Deep down, there’s still a part of me that yearns for a place where one can comfortably spend all year in a T-shirt. But for now, the allure of Canada, with its beautiful landscapes, welcoming people, and remarkable societal system, outweighs my aversion to the cold, making it a place I am proud to call home.








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