It is important to enjoy.

How has a failure, or apparent failure, set you up for later success?

Yes, there are many. I think that, as the saying goes, failure is a stepping stone to success, and I have had many experiences that have led to success. Especially when it comes to cooking, I have made many mistakes. I’ve burned food, made it too salty or not salty enough, and made it look unappetizing. When you have a strong sense of professionalism, you tend to strive for perfection, which can make success seem further away. However, I think that the standards for success and failure also vary from person to person. If the standards are high, the pressure on oneself increases, which can lead to stress. I believe that it is important to enjoy oneself regardless of the outcome, so I don’t think that an unenjoyable success can be considered success. On the other hand, even if one fails while enjoying oneself, it may be considered a fulfilling time and a form of success in a sense. In conclusion, success as determined by others and success as determined by oneself are different, and I think that if one moves in the direction of living a happy life, that in itself is a success. Thank you for reading. If you liked this article, please follow and like.




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