Navigating the Paths of Spirituality: A Personal Insight

Do you practice religion?

In all honesty, I find myself neither here nor there when it comes to religion. My spiritual practice begins and ends with prayer. Yet, these prayers are not addressed to any specific deity; instead, I direct them towards the universe and the issues at hand.

Respecting the beliefs of others forms a significant part of my spiritual stance. It is their prerogative to choose their faith and practice their beliefs. I don’t hold the belief that a lack of adherence to a particular religion results in a descent into hell.

Nevertheless, I do believe in the existence of divine energies or vibrations. These can be equated to the deities that reside on Earth, akin to the practice of Shintoism in my home country of Japan. Shintoism is a unique belief system, its essence lying in its practices and teachings.

Every New Year’s Day, I participate in a traditional visit to my local shrine, a practice I continue even when I return to Japan. Another regular feature of my spiritual practices is paying respect to my ancestors at their graves.

An enlightening conversation with a Shinto shrine maiden, a friend of mine, shifted my perspective on prayer and worship. When we pray or worship, she explained, we’re not just directing these actions towards an object, but also reflecting them onto ourselves, much like a mirror. Having a focus object makes it easier to pray or worship, hence the presence of a mirror on the altar at Shinto shrines. Behind this mirror usually lies the sacred tree of the local area.

The importance of these insights cannot be understated; they shape my personal views on religion. I believe religion should be a source of healing, not a tool for manipulation or a reason for conflict. It should offer a refuge for the spirit.

I initially contemplated not addressing this topic as people’s beliefs can vary greatly. High levels of faith could make my opinions seem offensive to some. However, I chose to share my views as personal reflections, not absolute truths.

Thank you for reading and taking the time to understand my perspective on this complex topic.









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