The New Year: A Celebration Across Borders

What is your favorite holiday? Why is it your favorite?

My favorite holiday is the New Year, and there are several reasons why. First and foremost, it is a celebration that transcends borders, uniting the majority of the world in anticipation and joy as we welcome a fresh start. As a Japanese individual living in Canada, I’ve been able to partake in the New Year festivities of both countries. The USA, which is just an hour’s journey away, also shares the same holiday, making the New Year celebration a truly universal experience for me.

Canada place

If I were to choose a favorite holiday exclusive to Canada, it would be Canada Day. I recall the end of my global journey, when I arrived in Vancouver on Canada Day. Unaware of the holiday initially, I found myself walking around with heavy luggage, wondering why most shops were closed. Instead, the streets were alive with cheerful crowds heading downtown. The grand finale of the evening was a breathtaking firework display, which left me feeling embraced and welcomed by Canada.

Osechi ryori

However, when in Japan, my heart invariably leans towards the New Year. In Japan, the New Year, or “Shogatsu,” is a time of rich traditions. We don traditional kimonos and feast on “osechi ryori” – a variety of dishes symbolic of prosperity and health. The first three days of the year are typically spent in restful tranquility, gathering with family or visiting relatives. Children receive “otoshidama,” envelopes containing money – a tradition that can turn New Year’s into a day of great fortune for those with many relatives. In my case, half of my otoshidama went into savings, while the other half was spent on video games. Interestingly, with Christmas just a few days prior, this period is a time when one’s wish list items have a high probability of being fulfilled. So, for all these reasons and the shared joy it brings to people across the globe, the New Year remains my favorite holiday.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope it has given you a glimpse into the celebrations that shape my year and bring me joy.

私のお気に入りの祝日は、New yearです。いくつかの理由があります。まずは、世界の殆どの国が祝日であることです。祝日であり、新しい年を迎え様と素晴らしい雰囲気になっています。私は日本人でカナダに住んでいますので、両国の祝日に関係があり、USAも1時間以内で行けるので、祝日も同じものがあります。ですから、私にはNew yearが一番しっくり来ます。


しかし、日本での祝日はNew yearが一番気に入っています。日本ではNew yearを正月と言い伝統的な着物を着たりおせち料理と言った物を食べます。3日までは基本安みですので、家族が集まったり、親戚のところに挨拶に行きます。子供には、お年玉という、お金が入った封筒を渡すのが慣わしで、たくさん親戚がいる子供はその日大金を手にいれます。私の場合は、半分は貯金をして半分はゲーム買っていました。ちなみにクリスマスでもプレゼントを貰いますので、この数日で欲しい物が高い確率で手に入ります。この様な理由でNew year が一番気に入っています。 この記事を読んでいただきありがとうございます。

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