Harmonizing Humanity: A Plea for Peace and Progress in the 21st Century

What would you change about modern society?

As we navigate the ever-evolving narrative of human civilization, a recurrent aspiration emerges: the yearning for a world unmarred by war. From the dawn of our existence, the annals of humanity have been dominated by conflict. It’s not an overstatement to claim that the history of humanity is, in many ways, a history of warfare. Today, despite advancements in numerous fields, warfare still persists in various global enclaves, often intertwined with the shadows of dictatorships and infringements on human rights.

However, the 21st century brings with it a unique paradigm shift. People from diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds are on the move, crossing borders, and choosing new homelands without the constraints of the past. This melting pot of humanity, a blurring of traditional racial lines, begins to challenge the age-old reasons and grounds for war.

In the light of such profound changes, it beckons the question: Why do we still fight? Perhaps it’s time to channel our combative energies elsewhere, to place the collective long-term benefits above individual short-term gains.

Our beautiful Earth, when observed from the vastness of the galaxy, appears as an insignificant speck 🌏. It seems almost paradoxical that on this tiny grain, we engage in such monumental disputes. Instead of internal strife, imagine if our focus shifted towards discovering new celestial bodies and uniting our minds and resources to ensure the collective survival and prosperity of humankind.

Thank you for journeying through these reflections. Let us all envision and work towards a future where cooperation replaces conflict, and exploration surpasses enmity.

17 thoughts on “Harmonizing Humanity: A Plea for Peace and Progress in the 21st Century

  1. Omatra7 says:

    Teamwork makes the dream work right? 😉 lol

    Imagine if all worked together on solving countries issues ?

    Beautiful thought 👏 ❤️

    But as you have seen – I have experienced Trump so… there are still people in the world for conflict 😮

    Or sick with power – whichever 🤷‍♀️ unfortunately

    It would be wonderful if we could all come together and work together

    Probably too much mistrust and corruption in the world for that?

    But it is very beautiful thought 😊❤️

    1. Tasty line says:

      I think you’re absolutely right.
      I believe that if all the people of the Earth unite and work together, nothing is impossible🤝.
      While there might be those who prefer vested interests and conflicts, outdated ideas that don’t fit the times will likely be phased out🫣.

      We are now in an era of sharing. True happiness comes from sharing happiness with others.

      The 21st century has just begun, and as we move into the 22nd century, races will mix even more. I believe that both the Americas and Europe are already a mix of races. I expect this will happen worldwide.

      I think the children of today’s children will be the ones to shoulder this world.

      1. Omatra7 says:

        This one I will come back to lol 😘

      2. Omatra7 says:

        Yes I believe in teamwork too! Working together for greatest good ❤️✌️

        I don’t know if conflicts, or outdated ideas etc, go away?

        I think there are too many problems … and broken systems

        And society? Hmm 🤔 we see

        I would love to see everyone work together for one earth and all people ❤️


        But there are ALOT of problems to get to that 😮

        But I hope for that always 😊🙏 I just don’t see it anytime soon

      3. Tasty line says:

        “Imagine” is a wonderful song. Moreover, I was captivated by the collaboration of all those famous people. A Japanese artist named Puffy also participated.

        I believe that the times are changing rapidly. One thing common to everyone is the desire to be happy. There are various forms of this, but I believe in it and hope that we are moving towards a better world. Thank you for introducing such a fantastic song♪.

      4. Omatra7 says:

        Yes that’s my most favorite version ❤️ is by UNICEF ❤️😘

        “ONE WORLD” ❤️

        Yes … it is changing rapidly… I also wish to be moving towards a better world with much happiness…

        I think there will always be pain, struggle and strife

        I do wish for it to be better…

        BUT… my optimism is not located within how the world operates …

        Life is gonna be a balance – and within balance is also good and evil… happy and sad…

        To know evil and sadness, makes you appreciate the happy and goodness

        You have to be happy within self before the world can all be

        But also … on a side note… people will always have “beefs” lol ✌️

        I’ve had Trump … I got 2 men who are within dying or sickness age wanting to run the country 🙄😩🤨

        Ugh 😣 🤦‍♀️ just no! Neither!

        Can I have some young blood? I would like for my president to be strong and not have to worry… also I would like someone who cares about the country 🙏

        I’m tired of bozo’s

        So see… strife… 🤷‍♀️

        Also at work I am strongly standing ground … I am sometimes extremely stubborn, if I fully believe in something – so good luck lol ✌️😄

        It’s probably the red hair 👩🏻‍🦰 🤷‍♀️

        But I think the whole world is like that as far as problems go … the whole world is nuts at moment

        To know happiness and goodness – be that within self and life and to others ❤️✌️

        Just enjoy the ride – the ride can be a little bumpy here and there lol ✌️

        But that is life.. not always what we imagine (or want)

        Otherwise one keeps waiting on the world to change 😉


      5. Tasty line says:

        Thank you for sharing such wonderful music.

        Indeed, when it comes to selecting representatives, the high costs often deter young individuals from being chosen. However, I believe it’s relatively easy to shape or change the image of people and nations through media coverage. This makes me wonder whether it truly benefits the citizens, or if it’s more advantageous for the media and certain interest groups.

        With that said, I like to think of myself as an independent entity, much like a nation. Relying too much on a country or a company can lead to stress, which is why I work and reside in various nations.

        You mentioned having red hair; that’s truly amazing. It’s a rare and precious genetic trait. I’d love to see it sometime if the opportunity arises.

        Your words were enlightening: “To know happiness and goodness – be that within self and life and to others ❤️✌️. Just enjoy the ride – the ride can be a little bumpy here and there lol ✌️. But that is life… not always what we imagine (or want). Otherwise, one keeps waiting for the world to change 😉.”

        Thank you🙏

      6. Omatra7 says:

        I stay away from media as much as I can, because I do think media has influence like that. I do think that can be dangerous.

        Media and social media I stay away as much as able (except for WordPress – this one I like)

        I like to think for self and not be influenced by media or social media

        Hmmm 🤔 your words give thought 💭 … “Relying too much on a country or a company can lead to stress”

        That can be true!! That is something I will think over

        Yes, I do have red hair … but is a light red – especially in summer … sun lightens me up – hair and eyes

        I also have freckles – WAY too many lol

        I don’t realize how rare it is, until people always point it out or make a big deal… it definitely draws attention 😮

        My mom also had red hair … and one of my children has normal brown blonde hair on his head – but his beard “only” will grow in red 😄😄

        At first he would complain cause his hair colors don’t match 😄 … he would say “mum this is from you”

        I would say “yes your welcome” 😄✌️

        Is only his beard that grows in red 😄😄❤️ … he’s been marked as my son 😄😄✌️

        I also have extremely high tolerance to pain – which has something to do with the red hair 🤷‍♀️

        I am Irish ☘️ also burn very easily and do not tan well … I used to hope my freckles would either be so many or enlarge together so I could look tan lol 😄✌️(but that doesn’t happen) lol

        I will forget about my hair generally, but people will always point out and make a big deal about 🤷‍♀️ …that’s always funny to me? Do people not usually see redheads?

        But I will say… I look very Irish … freckles and white skin (or red/pink in summer lol) and my eyes are a blue green… if I wear green they look blue… if I wear blue they look green

        I have a post somewhere when I visited my mom – I wanna say around November of 2021… I blurred out faces but you can see my hair – I don’t know how to search posts or find my old ones unless someone likes it – then I see again lol 😄

        But let me know if you ever visit Northern California 😊

        Haha yes – my secret to life lol ✌️ I got tired of waiting for the world to change, so to have a good life … you must appreciate and love your own world – make that what you want in the world 🌎

        Thank you also 😊✌️

      7. Tasty line says:

        I truly enjoyed reading about your hair color, freckles, and unique experiences! Especially, the fact that you have Irish blood and the associated features are truly captivating. The way you described your eyes shifting between blue and green depending on what you wear was fascinating. Such a unique and mesmerizing trait!

        I love hearing stories from people of different cultures and backgrounds. Along with your red hair, your freckles and eye color accentuate your Irish traits, making for a truly unique and attractive combination. In Japan, not many people have freckles or such vibrant eye colors, which adds to the sense of rarity. Embracing and loving one’s unique features is an essential part of self-acceptance. Be proud of your freckles, hair color, eye color, and Irish background! 😊

        Also, Northern California is a beautiful place, and I hope to visit it someday. I resonate with your perspective on life and how you think. It’s truly important to stay true to oneself without being swayed by media influence. Continue cherishing your uniqueness and have wonderful days ahead! 😊

      8. Omatra7 says:

        Yes I embrace it NOW lol ❤️☘️❤️

        As a kid, not so much – I look sooooo white and had so many freckles – I am covered 🤨 lol

        It’s a lot of freckles lol … I was always the only person like that lol

        And also my name VERY Irish ☘️ omg … you could not get a more Irish name!

        So I grew up knowing every single Irish joke lol 🙄

        But yeah as a kid trying to fit in – red headed freckly Irish girl … who turns red in summer and purple in winter 😄

        I am a pretty red head – so that was my saving grace ✌️

        Otherwise I was severely different from the areas we moved around in

        But my family very Irish and I am in America but had very strong Irish catholic upbringing – so Irish was always everywhere and big part of my life

        I always love my Irish but I didn’t always love looking SOOO irish lol … but that was because I was young and had to fit in really quick – I am lucky, because I was pretty and kind also funny lol ✌️ so that helped 😘

        And yes I am always true to self and like not having the worlds influence too much

        I do embrace & like the red hair … freckles hmmm 🤔 … I have a fast pace and the kids used to call me “cheetah” to lovingly tease, because is fastest land animal and is spotted just like me lol 😄😄❤️

        Freckles are really cute when you are 5 lol … but they stay and make more!

        And then I love the sun – but it burns me fast… so I can only have little bits at a time

        I swear my stomach is glow in the dark white!! Lol … anywhere the sun doesn’t shine lol

        But I do embrace who am now and I ride it ☘️❤️

        It does stand out… sometimes I still complain about the amount of freckles lol ✌️

        Northern California is gorgeous and amazing – so much to do and see and experience 👏❤️

        And I always March to my own drummer … even as a child … I am not a follower lol ✌️

        Thank you ❤️ I hope you also appreciate your Japanese and embrace that also 👏

        It is freeing and wonderful without media and social media – fresh air and peace ❤️

        Plus with age comes wisdom 😘… mostly lol – always learning

        Have a great day ☀️

      9. Tasty line says:

        I’m truly impressed by your experiences, emotions, and the strength you possess in accepting yourself 💖

        Red hair is like a piece of nature’s art, a rare and special existence.
        Its fiery glow under the sun possesses a charm that no other hair color can rival.
        Red hair carries a unique allure and passion that captures the eyes and touches the hearts of many. 🔥
        Throughout history, legends, and stories, it has often been depicted as the symbol of distinctive characters.
        People with red hair often seem to have a sense of individuality and authenticity.

        One movie that stands out in my memory is “Anne of Green Gables.” From this film, I gleaned the message that with imagination, effort, and positivity, one can pave their own path, and the people around them will support them in their journey.✨

        I think it’s wonderful to have and cherish Irish culture and background, especially in America. 🇺🇸

        Indeed, our perceptions about our appearance and cultural backgrounds evolve as we age.

        Japan too is a nation where old traditions coexist with new cultures, and sometimes we find it challenging to strike a balance between the two.🇯🇵

        I can relate to your feelings about having freckles and the challenges of enjoying the sun. Being teased as a “cheetah” 🐆 is a cute concept indeed 💕.

        Regarding Northern California, I too would love to experience its beauty.

        Valuing one’s individuality and the importance of continuous learning resonate deeply with me. I hope you have a wonderful day ☀️.

      10. Omatra7 says:

        Well is important to accept who you are, so you can accept another ✌️

        Yes that is true. … imagination, effort & positivity – also compassion

        When you can be yourself – the right people come into your life ❤️

        I definitely am authentic and have individuality 😄✌️

      11. Tasty line says:

        Your dedication to self-acceptance and individuality, along with your unwavering compassion for those around you, is truly wonderful☺️

        By being true to yourself, you’re undoubtedly attracting wonderful people into your life.
        And with your positivity and authenticity, you’re inspiring those around you, creating a peaceful space.
        I’m certain that this will lead to some incredible encounters🫶

      12. Omatra7 says:

        You say very kind words always ❤️ thank you 😊

        Yes – I do have incredible encounters and experiences 👏🫶

      13. Tasty line says:

        You also always have very kind words for me.🫶
        And thank you for sharing new information and your opinions with me🙏

  2. You are a content creator extraordinaire! Your work brings so much joy and laughter to my day. Keep shining bright with your incredible talent and continue to make us smile. You’re simply amazing!

    1. Tasty line says:

      Thank you. I’m honored to hear that.

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