The Simple Acts That Make a Difference

Write about a random act of kindness you’ve done for someone.

There’s a saying that the most meaningful acts of kindness are often those we don’t remember, simply because they’re things we do naturally, without thinking. This resonates with me deeply. I rarely recall the countless small deeds I’ve done out of sheer benevolence, as they’ve become second nature.

For instance, it’s habitual for me to offer my seat to the elderly or expectant mothers on trains and buses. Picking up a dropped item and returning it to its owner is just part of my daily routine. When abroad, if I come across a fellow Japanese person in distress, I don’t hesitate to lend a helping hand. Just the other day, the wife of a dear friend who had passed away came to Canada from Japan. Without a second thought, I provided her with a place to stay.

The guiding principle in my life is simple: Do unto others what would make you happy if done unto you. By following this principle, I believe we can foster a harmonious environment around us. Through these unremembered acts of kindness, we shape a world that’s a little kinder, one gesture at a time.

4 thoughts on “The Simple Acts That Make a Difference

  1. jiatunes says:

    So true

    1. Tasty line says:

      Thank you.

  2. Omatra7 says:

    I live the same way – do unto others, as you wish to be done unto

    Also – a little bit of kindness can go a long way …

    And you don’t know what others go through in life, and sometimes you won’t realize what a simple act of kindness can do for someone’s life or they way they view – could change someone trajectory in life – so you never know what a little kindness can do

    In my work, I am always thinking that … how would I want to be treated when my mother passes?

    And with all the past losses and things have gone through can absolutely give compassion – we are all simply human so … human kindness always 🙏

    I also believe that kindness can be infectious … like paying forward…

    Be the change you wish to see in the world ❤️

    I also have had my own earth angels on my life journey ❤️

    1. Tasty line says:

      Indeed, I believe our actions often have the power to change the lives of others.
      I have had various encounters that have changed my own life.
      I try to do for others what I wish would be done for me. Doing so brings joy to my heart.

      I want to continue putting effort into being kind.

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