The Dualistic Pursuit of Safety and Adventure

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Are you seeking security or adventure?
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I am a person who seeks both security and adventure, a decision shaped by time and circumstances. In the realms of everyday life and love, I lean toward security, while in work and hobbies, I embrace the thrill of adventure.

In my personal life, I’ve found stability after a period of exploration. I spent two years as a backpacker, a time in which I had a place to sleep but no fixed address. However, these experiences have given way to the comforts of security, and I’ve been living in the same place for over a decade now.

In contrast, my professional life is characterized by a continuous search for adventure. I’ve been at the same workplace for two years, but I keep my eyes open for opportunities to strike out on my own.

As for my hobbies, they reflect my adventurous spirit. I am an outdoor enthusiast who loves shouldering a backpack and heading for the mountains or setting up camp under the stars.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my balanced pursuit of safety and adventure.

7 thoughts on “The Dualistic Pursuit of Safety and Adventure

  1. Omatra7 says:

    I like security too with life, love and people…

    Adventure is where I have my wild streak lol – don’t tempt me with life lol

    I do also like adventure and am cause of some adventures lol ✌️😄

    1. Tasty line says:

      I’m glad you can relate ☺️

      If you don’t mind, please tell me a bit about your wild side. When in life are you most tempted? lol

      Living within set boundaries is good, but I always want to have the adventurous spirit to make decisions on my own terms♪.

      1. Omatra7 says:

        Lol … well my wild side is with life …

        Adventures, nature and friends tempt my wild side…

        I love adrenaline rushes from different activities … because I love to FEEL alive and feel life ❤️ if makes my heartbeat fast and makes me really excited – I love that ❤️ … I would NOT jump out of a plane or anything … but do love exciting life things ❤️👏

        I love nature because anything in nature takes my breathe away ❤️

        Any my friends ❤️ they always surprise me with spontaneous things lol ❤️

        Tempt me with life and I’m on board lol ✌️

        I do also have boundaries … oh yes lol … but I also like living life my own way and also have adventurous spirit

        When my kids were little – before GPS – … I would get lost and we would have exciting spur of the moment adventures lol – that was fun

        They always love my adventures✌️you never know where you end up ❤️ sometimes there is incredible things

        So yeah my excitement is excitement and adventure with life things –

        If makes you feel alive – I love that ❤️ that’s where my wild side is lol 😘✌️

        If you excite me with something then yes! There it is lol ✌️😄

      2. Tasty line says:

        Thank you for your comment reply 😊
        Reading your comment, I feel like I’ve gotten a glimpse into your personality, and it makes me very happy ☺️

        You express yourself wonderfully♪ I too love the exciting things in life 😍 It feels like creating a crystallization of love, and I think a lot of happy aura emanates from you.

        Jumping out of an airplane is too scary though. ✈️

        I also love nature. When I look at plants and animals, it reminds me that the world isn’t just about humans. Being immersed in nature makes me realize how small I am.

        Indeed, meetings or events in life that tempt us make our lives richer.

        I traveled around the world for 2 years when there was no GPS. Back then, getting travel information from guidebooks or asking fellow travelers was the norm. Therefore, there were many adventures and thrills. Even getting lost became an exciting experience that I learned to enjoy.

        I hope you continue to have many adventures and exciting encounters in your future 🙏
        Thank you ✌️☺️

      3. Omatra7 says:

        Thank you … yes my aura is usually always happy, witty and smiling ❤️👏 …

        Yes I love Lake Tahoe because of what you mention – there are areas where you feel soooo tiny and it’s so breathtakingly untouched beauty

        Lake Tahoe is known for skiing and casinos … but I prefer the backwoods hikes and secret beaches and into the untouched nature areas ❤️ (minus any bears 🐻 they do have those lol)

        It really takes your breath away to see how small against the earth you really are – is quite experience ❤️ and of course the beauty of nature is also respite for the soul ❤️✌️

        I’ve had some pretty wonderful exciting adventures all across the United States … I’ve only been out of USA once – but I don’t know if it counts cause some was still territory of USA… I’ve been to St Thomas, Tortola, and Bahamas … that was also an experience 😮

        St Thomas is a US Virgin Island, Tortola is British and Bahamas is their own lol

        But that’s my only experience outside USA (if that counts lol)

        Life and adventures DO make life richer ❤️ fun to enjoy life as it is ❤️ … as in “taking in life just the way it is” enjoying all the moments you can – that SHOULD be one of those viral challenges 😘

        Oh wow! I bet traveling the world was AMAZING!! So you have a feel for the whole world 🙌 that must be incredible! I bet those adventures were truly amazing and wonderful memories!!

        Sometimes getting lost puts you right where you are supposed to be 😉✌️

        Thank you 😊❤️ … I wish you many adventures and amazing life moments ahead also 👏 ❤️

        Always enjoy your moments in life’s adventures ❤️🙏🙏🙏 or as much as possible 😊

      4. Tasty line says:

        Reading your words, I can feel your aura, especially the brightness that shines through.
        I looked up Lake Tahoe a bit.
        It’s a lake situated between California and Nevada, right? I saw some pictures, and it’s a breathtakingly beautiful place surrounded by greenery. I’d like to visit at least once, especially intrigued by the mention of the secret beach.

        America is so vast that I believe one can have a plethora of experiences without ever leaving the country.
        I’ve always wanted to visit the Bahamas. How is it? Does it have that typical tropical feel of the Caribbean?

        I am Japanese living in Canada, so the language barrier was the most significant challenge I felt when I first started traveling. I could communicate to some extent in English-speaking regions, but languages like Arabic, Thai, Spanish, and so on were entirely unknown to me. However, emotions often have a universal language, and by piecing together desperate words, I was able to convey my feelings. This sensation is one of the unique joys of traveling.
        Many encounters have shaped who I am today.

        Thank you for your comment.
        Reading your words lifts my spirits 🤩.

      5. Omatra7 says:

        Thank you for such kind amazing words ❤️

        Part of that brightness is from no social media and not really participating in what’s going on with society lol … I do not know pop culture … that’s mostly because I am living life instead – except for this … my one form of social media

        That keeps huge part of negativity out of my life 😊👏

        But my personality has always had a brightness in general 😊

        Yes that’s right… part of Lake Tahoe is in California and the other part is in Nevada – both are beautiful

        It’s so beautiful and peaceful up there – very heavenly … the water is a crystal clear blue… always cold and refreshing because is a lot of snow melt

        Winter is awesome because of the winter sports and skiing ⛷️… Lake Tahoe known for its skiing 🎿

        But summer in Tahoe is stunning as well… the Northern part of the Sierra Nevada’s – which is all breathtakingly beautiful

        And the histories of the areas are also incredible!

        Lake Tahoe has all kinds of secret beaches, trails and waterfalls … and the wild life

        They had the 1960 Winter Olympics there – I was not born yet – but they still have the Olympic Rings displayed and some buildings commemorating those moments

        There is a heated pool on top of a snowy mountain – that if you are brave enough and want to – you can swim in winter lol

        They have gondola 🚠 rides and pretty amazing things

        ALL year is beautiful! Expensive though

        If you feel like being around people there are things like skiing or casinos… there are well known public beaches too … nice beaches

        If you want the secret places you have to hike to them 😘✌️ but is worth it ❤️ it takes your breath away – you are speechless … does feel heavenly ✌️

        Yes that is true!! There is so much one could see in America without leaving – I still haven’t seen everything lol

        I would think many big countries maybe the same?

        The Bahamas 🇧🇸 was beautiful … I mostly shopped … it was the last stop before going home so was just a day there. But was beautiful and everyone so friendly – yes it does have tropical feel ❤️ was incredible

        St Thomas I spent the most time in … went into the country, listened to locals stories, went snorkeling 🤿 … saw Nemo and Dory 😉 👏

        Was always sunny beautiful and amazing … and I love Caribbean food too! ❤️

        Wow!! That’s awesome and incredible!! I would be lost ONLY knowing English 😮

        I could maybe survive in Mexico – I know basic basic basic Spanish

        That’s true though – emotional language is understandable

        My kids pick up some Japanese from watching all the anime for all these years lol

        My oldest is obsessed with Japan lol

        He has this friend he has known since they were children … his friends father is from Japan and would always try to get his son to come back and visit … but he had no interest … the son had been Americanized and was growing up so wanted to be with friends …

        But my son thought he was crazy and said he would go for him – he was joking but he would have lol

        Many things he speaks about is somehow Japanese related … like the vending machines omg …evidentially you can get anything from a vending machine?? 😮

        And these tiny little sleeping pods and the size of a living space 😮 he tells me or shows me on YouTube about everything

        Some is really cool! Sometimes crazy mind blowing but really cool!

        Plus he’s really into technology and Japan is his center for that lol

        He would live there in a second – he dreams lol

        Canada is awesome – they are our friendly northern neighbor ✌️

        I lived in Maine and Massachusetts and never did make it up into Canada 🍁

        Seems beautiful though … in some areas I think would be able to see the northern lights right? I bet that’s incredible !

        I bet too that in your business is interesting food wise to travel to each country … see how their food actually is… what they offer or how they make

        Yes encounters and experiences do shape who we are 😊 hopefully they are good ones 🙏

        I am glad – your words also lifted my spirits – definitely made me smile 👏

        And always nice to think of or remember places ❤️😊

        Thank you

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