The Power of Daily Habits: Starting the Day with Lemon Water, Yoga, and Mindfulness

What daily habit do you do that improves your quality of life?


We’ve all heard the adage, “The early bird gets the worm,” but how many of us truly understand the impact of morning habits on our overall well-being? For decades, I’ve followed a simple yet transformative routine that starts with quality sleep and ends with a nutritious light meal. This daily regimen not only prepares my body for the day ahead but also aligns my mind and spirit, ensuring a holistic approach to health and wellness.

The Routine

A Good Night’s Sleep

Everything starts the night before. A restful night’s sleep sets the tone for a productive day. Proper sleep aids in mental clarity and is essential for physical health.

Warm Lemon Water

The first thing I do upon waking is to drink warm lemon water. This acts as a gentle detoxifier, kick-starting my digestive system and providing a burst of vitamin C.

Dental Hygiene

Oral health often takes a back seat when we talk about wellness, but it’s a crucial aspect. I brush my teeth to start the day with a fresh feeling.


After freshening up, it’s time for yoga. Whether it’s a series of sun salutations or a more in-depth session, yoga prepares my body for the day, making it more flexible and ready for anything that comes my way.

The Mind-Body Connection

Combining physical exercise with a moment of mindfulness is powerful. After my yoga routine, I take a few minutes to meditate, synchronizing my mind and body. This alignment makes me feel incredibly good and sets a positive tone for the entire day.

Why Yoga?

I’ve talked about the benefits of yoga in previous blogs, but it bears repeating: yoga is highly recommended. I initially attended yoga classes for about a year, but eventually, I developed my own home practice. Remember, your body is with you for life; daily maintenance is crucial.


We often underestimate the power of daily habits. The simple acts of sleeping well, drinking warm lemon water, brushing your teeth, and doing yoga can profoundly affect your quality of life. It’s not just about physical wellness; it’s about aligning your mind and body to navigate the world better.

Thank you for reading this article. Here’s to a life well-lived through the practice of daily habits!

14 thoughts on “The Power of Daily Habits: Starting the Day with Lemon Water, Yoga, and Mindfulness

  1. Omatra7 says:

    Very good post … as a whole … we need to care for body, mind and soul 🙏

    I do not have such easy schedule for that early in morning …

    I wake early and take time to have coffee and wake up … I am a zombie upon first opening eyes lol ✌️😄 need those moments of wake up

    I do eat a healthy breakfast

    And I try to keep a healthy balance and outlook with life …

    I do mostly healthy meals, and tend to hang out with Vegans lol

    I do still have my comfort foods and indulgences but I try to keep them to a minimum and be aware of them

    I go for walks when I can – with my dog and my flock 😉

    I have borrowed time anyway – I am lucky to be here now

    My soul gets peace from helping others ❤️

    But I do have crazy life from work 🤷‍♀️ high stress and much emotion always

    So when I come home – that is my zen

    I don’t do well meditating because my mind always thinks of tons of things lol … I try but never works for me … my mind only stops when I sleep lol ✌️

    But I do love peace and I take that in other ways ❤️✌️

    I do very much love peace and quiet of natures beauty which is a great respite ❤️

    1. Tasty line says:

      I’m a zombie the moment I wake up too 🧟‍♀️. For breakfast, sometimes I have yogurt and other times none at all; I generally eat two meals a day. Although I’m not vegan, I do try to have a vegetable-centric diet. In that respect, I think we might be similar. While the vegan ethos is important, food is my ultimate joy in life, so I don’t impose too many restrictions on myself. However, I do pay attention to overeating and food additives.

      Your job, with its high demand for professionalism and empathy, must bring a lot of stress. I understand completely about the difficulty of meditating when your mind is busy. I once attended a 12-day meditation retreat. At first, many thoughts filled my mind, and then my back and hips started to hurt from sitting so much. But by the last day, I felt a sense of inner peace. Being able to reach that peaceful state truly feels like a blessing 🫶.

      1. Omatra7 says:

        I am also not vegan, only when I am with them.

        My diet is pretty healthy, I do eat meat lol

        I pay attention since cancer and working in death

        Also – since I work in death … sometimes the way to one’s heart is through the stomach

        You can give comfort through food sometimes

        I rush all around so I generally have quick healthy little snacks through the day. If I am hungry

        But I do love the occasional indulgence ❤️✌️

        Yes… I am little bothered by death this morning ☹️

        I do know peace ❤️ and going away from the world to have that – yes, I know peace ❤️

        My job can be heavy as can life – so I know how to find my peace – that is how I still have my brightness 😘❤️

        In my job – I MUST be aware of my own mental health 😘✌️ or try to be lol

        I am aware of it lol … I do know what my issues are and how they effect me – is good cause I always learn how to handle many things … and I know where and how to find my peace ❤️ I also learn a lot about myself and others

        Maybe one day I will learn your way better 😊

        Ok well death calls – gotta go 🫤

        Ok it’s Wednesday – Friday is right around the corner ❤️


        And yes peace is a blessing ❤️

      2. Tasty line says:

        I also become vegan when I dine with my vegan friends. It’s a consideration for them, and it makes the time we spend together more enjoyable, so I understand how you feel.

        Working in a field related to death likely makes you ponder a lot about it.

        “Death calls, gotta go” is an interesting expression indeed. 🤣 I know what you do for a job, so I get the meaning. 😅
        You have weekends off, huh? You’re almost there.
        Peace is a blessing. ☺️💕

      3. Omatra7 says:

        Yes – is easiest and most considerate to just eat what they eat when I am with them. 😊

        Hahaha yes, I see death every single day – it does make you think of it all the time lol … we see it always

        My life is death and aftercare – like yours is cooking and food lol

        Hahaha when you say it – it sounds funny lol … but I did not realize that when “I” said it lol

        It was an interesting expression 😄

        Yes I do have weekends off lol … but if is crazy busy then I might work

        Generally on weekends I help others, handle my own things or just be with family (my kids) ❤️

        During week death owns me lol ✌️usually

      4. Tasty line says:

        Everyone has probably thought about death at some point. I hear about the deaths of people around me every few years. Lately, it feels like that number is increasing. When that happens, I think about my own life and feel grateful for every cell in my body, as well as the support I receive from those around me.

        Fortunately, I’ve never had a serious illness, so death feels distant. However, I’ve had a few experiences where I’ve narrowly escaped accidents, and I’m grateful for those moments as well.

        When I think about death, my conclusion is to live freely and enjoy life the way I want to. Spending time with your family brings you comfort and healing❤️.

      5. Omatra7 says:

        Yes – breathe a little deeper, cherish your moments, enjoy life for what is, and people for who are … life is too short

        You just never know

        Yes … I work in it … I see my own age range even younger – that’s weird to see on death certificates … I’m always like omg too young… but then death doesn’t care … there is no age range… no days off, no special days
        Death does whatever wants, when it wants

        I am also grateful for my life ❤️

        And yes family and friends do bring ALOT of comfort, healing and support ❤️

      6. Tasty line says:

        Absolutely, taking deep breaths and cherishing the moment allows us to enjoy life as it is. It’s always sad to hear about young people passing away, and moments like that make us appreciate life even more.

        Connecting with you reminds me of many things and also teaches me new ones. Thank you always 🥰.

      7. Omatra7 says:

        Yes always appreciate life ❤️ love as much as you can

        I would say likewise with you… you always make me think of foods and health – the way foods comfort or for health wise, which I am always curious and reading about.

        I also like to hear about your job and things – it also makes me think 😊❤️

        I also enjoy hearing and learning about Japan 🇯🇵… I like to learn your culture 😊👏

        Thank you also 😘

      8. Tasty line says:

        Thanks to you, I’ve been able to learn more about America🇺🇸 than before. What makes it so valuable is that it’s firsthand information conveyed through your perspective on life, rather than just news or other sources. I often take news with a grain of skepticism, so the information from you holds more value than what the media reports.

        Especially when I visited America, what I felt was quite different from the media-created perception. I noticed there are many people with a healthy mindset, engaging in volunteer activities, and valuing nature. It was quite a contrast.

        I appreciate and am grateful that you enjoy learning about my culture.🙏

      9. Omatra7 says:

        I totally agree …

        I am same – I love talking to people from other countries because I just know what the media feeds us – which I also don’t trust

        So I also love to know the different people and cultures and who they are and how they are ❤️ I love that I can know the people

        A lot is different than what media feeds

        I think the media just wants to keep divided and just show whatever the biased media or government wants you to know

        It’s wonderful to instead learn the population and people FROM REAL PEOPLE ❤️

        I am not sure what other countries are told about America or it’s people?

        What is the media perception or what you are told about us?

        Yes most people have healthy mind set, not all volunteer – but many are kind and helpful in general.

        Mental health can be issue since Covid and economy, but generally is fine.

        And yes, many love and value nature – our lives so busy, places in nature give great respite to get away and America it’s self is a stunningly beautiful country – there is so much and is all different ❤️

        We are generally good people – we appreciate life and family 😊❤️

        We have issues just like all people from all countries – sometimes good, sometimes bad

        We have a lot of cultures and ways of life blended here – America is not just one culture – we are many – you have places that are very culturally diverse and others that are not. America is so big so a lot of differences depending on where you go

        I would say we are a decent people – but I don’t know how other countries view or are told?

        My mom used to say some countries hate Americans 🤷‍♀️ and I’m sure could be true

        We are very passionate and don’t hold back? We are respectful if we know what would hurt or upset someone … but sometimes teaching moments are needed lol

        And election years really suck! Ugh 🤦‍♀️

        We value family and friends, life, planet, human rights and freedoms.

        Is the politicians who are dumb asses lol

        And we live here lol 😉

      10. Tasty line says:

        I’m sorry for the late reply. I had just returned from a trip to Europe.
        I stayed in four countries: Netherlands 🇳🇱, France 🇫🇷, Monaco 🇲🇨, and Italy 🇮🇹. Southern Europe was very hot, with summer-like days. I went to the sea several times and it was beautiful.
        I ate a lot of delicious food🍝🍕
        I was surprised at how cheap the wine was. I was able to buy a tasty 1L bottle of wine for €2.
        Now that I’m back, Vancouver is cold 😵. It’s raining today ☔️, but it was sunny throughout my trip.

        Coming back to our conversation, when I was traveling, I did come across people who disliked America. I think it’s a reflection of how powerful the country is.
        And some of those who go abroad, carrying that sense of strength, might not respect the unique cultural etiquettes of the places they visit. I believe everyone in the world knows of the United States. A lot of the information from media and the internet seems to be U.S.-centric.

        However, just because a country is strong doesn’t mean its citizens are as well. Those who understand and respect the privileges they enjoy are well-liked. For instance, someone like you💖

        Through our exchange of messages, I’ve developed an interest in and a positive view of America✨
        I’ve even thought of living in the U.S. for an extended period.
        Next year is an election year, isn’t it? I imagine it will be quite eventful 🇺🇸.

    1. Tasty line says:

      Well done.👍

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