The Quest for the Uncharted Home Dish

What foods would you like to make?

Having traveled to over 50 countries, I’ve had the privilege to savor countless cuisines, from street food delights to gourmet dishes in upscale establishments. Each bite, each flavor, every aroma tells a story. While the diversity is immense, there is an underlying foundation that threads all these cuisines together. Such commonality means that for many dishes, I can not only predict their flavors but also discern their cooking processes.

My tenure in the food and beverage industry further broadened my gastronomic experiences. Thanks to it, I’ve had the chance to indulge in exquisite ingredients and rare delicacies. The opulence of caviar, the rustic charm of truffles, the delicate allure of edible gold; I’ve tasted them all.

Yet, amid this vast culinary journey, there remains a desire unfulfilled. I yearn to create a dish, a home dish, unknown to the world. Something that doesn’t come from a Michelin-star kitchen, but from the heart of a home, bearing tales of traditions, memories, and love. Because sometimes, the most delicious meal isn’t the one adorned with gold but the one that touches the soul.

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