“Yakudoshi,” which is a traditional Japanese superstition

Are you superstitious?

I think I am superstitious. Especially when it comes to spiritual matters, I tend to be superstitious. Even though science is progressing, I believe that things people have invented from customs and habits are worth believing in.

For example, I believe in “yakudoshi,” which is a traditional Japanese superstition that suggests unlucky years for men at ages 25, 42, and 61, and for women at ages 19, 33, 37, and 61. These are considered to be ages when disasters are likely to occur, and some people perform purification rituals to avoid misfortunes.

I think the idea behind the concept of “yakudoshi” is to be careful not to take premature actions due to the misalignment of physical and mental growth. At the age of 25 for men, it is the age when they become adults from children. At the age of 42, it is the age when they still have youthful energy but start to feel the decline in physical ability. At the age of 61, it is the age of transitioning to retirement and the beginning of a new life. I believe in such superstitions and will be careful.

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